Zyrexin Reviews: Evaluation,Benefits,Results and Side Effect

Zyrexin Reviews 2017
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical Studies
  • Doctor Recommendations
  • User Reviews
  • Risk of Side Effects


What does Zyrexin really do for you? That is the question, and it’s still unanswered. The company doesn’t say; it only says it “works.” So, the onus is on you to go out and try it. The good news is that its ingredients are not secret or unknown. They’re all linked with improved sexual performance, and at least one – Butea Superba – is backed by research. While Zyrexin refrains from being specific about your results, there is a really strong likelihood that you will experience some positive effects, such as a stronger erection, a longer lasting erection, or better sex drive. Overall, we’re giving Zyrexin an Okay/Acceptable rating.

Zyrexin is a sexual performance booster found in retail stores and online, but it is unique. One of Zyrexin’s ingredients, Butea Superba, has a U.S. patent (read more in this review about that). Many supplements cannot claim that, so that makes Zyrexin stand out a bit. It’s also incredibly widely available, and claims to work in less than an hour. In fact, the company offers a money back guarantee if you do not notice results within an hour after taking it.

Unlike dietary supplements that work to boost your overall sexual health and can take several weeks to see long-term results, Zyrexin isn’t designed for long-term sexual performance improvement. It is not an erectile dysfunction remedy or marketed that way at all. Instead, it is sold as a fast-acting pill that lasts up to 24 hours. It’s meant to be used just before sex.

Zyrexin is manufactured by a US company called Superbalife International that also makes a prostate supplement called Prostavar.


Zyrexin Benefits and Claims

One of the interesting things about Zyrexin is that the product doesn’t actually make any specific claims, other than being “the only that works” and a “super sex pill.” Maybe being vague about what Zyrexin does is intentional, but it creates some doubt that the product can do anything at all. Or, the effects of the product might not actually be desired. On the company website, the supplement is guaranteed to work, but what “works” means isn’t clarified. The mystery about Zyrexin’s claims are really uncommon, because most sexual performance boosters make some sort of claim, such as rock hard erections, more stamina, or increased sex drive. It doesn’t say any of that, specifically.

Instead, Zyrexin makes some other, difficult to prove claims that are primarily about how popular it is. For example, the manufacturers claim on the website that it is the “World’s strongest sexual enhancer” but that is a not a specific outcome. It could boost desire, or create a firmer erection, or something else entirely.

Even though Zyrexin isn’t tied to any specific claims, the ingredients in Zyrexin could benefit you in a number of ways.


Complete Evaluation and Review of Zyrexin Pills

When a product like Zyrexin doesn’t make any claims of specific results, but is guaranteed to work in some way, it’s essential to really look at a number of things before buying it. Exactly how does it work? What kind of results can you expect if you take it? What will happen in the hour that it’s guaranteed to work? Since the company doesn’t offer any useful information to answer those questions, we’ve done a complete evaluation. We’ve taken pricing, user reviews, clinical research, and availability into consideration, as well as other factors.

What we looked at:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical studies
  • Doctor recommendations
  • User reviews
  • Risks of side effects

Our results:

We’ve rated Zyrexin based on the above criteria, from 0 (Very Poor) to 5 (Excellent).

Ratings for Zyrexin
5 (Excellent) – The good news is that Zyrexin is not only available only directly from the company that makes it, but it’s widely available in drug stores and retail stores. We give it an Excellent rating for Availability.
4 (Good) – The price of Zyrexin seems low at first, but considering that the typical package contains 20 tablets, and each dose is 2 tablets, that’s $3.00 per dose if you buy one bottle for $30. The company offers a free bottle, though. We give it a Good rating for price, because many fast-acting products cost much more than that.
N/A – There is only one type of Zyrexin and all of the bottles contain 20 tablets, therefore there isn’t any variety to consider. It would be interesting to see Zyrexin in multiple strengths or in larger bottles.
Clinical Studies
3 (Okay) – There aren’t any clinical studies on Zyrexin as a product, but there is research available on some of the ingredients in it. We’re also giving the product some credit here for the fact that there is a patent on one of the ingredients. Clearly some research has been done on the effects of this product, even if it is not typical clinical research, so we give it an Okay rating for this criteria.
Doctor Recommendations
1 (Poor) – There aren’t any official, on the record doctor recommendations for Zyrexin. However, it should be noted that doctor recommendations for non-pharmaceutical drugs are rare, and almost non-existent when it comes to sexual performance pills. Still, the pill isn’t claimed to be doctor-formulated, which would be helpful at the very least. We give Zyrexin a Poor rating for doctor recommendations.
User Reviews
3 (Okay) – Zyrexin has nearly equal positive and negative reviews. There aren’t enough positive reviews that are not on the company’s own website to consider the reviews good, so we’re giving this product an Okay rating for user reviews.
Risk of Side Effects
3 (Okay) – Some of the ingredients in Zyrexin are known for serious side effects. Also, four of the five testimonials on the company’s website talk about side effects, which is a little suspect. Potentially, the side effects outweigh the benefit and that may be why the company tries so hard to downplay them. We give the supplement an Okay rating for risk of side effects.
Overall Rating
3 (Okay) – There are a couple of things working against Zyrexin that keep us from rating it higher. First, the product doesn’t have any real claims. We don’t know what it is promising to do, other than “enhance” your sex life. Second, the reported side effects might outweigh any positive results you might get. For that reason, we’re giving Zyrexin an Okay/Acceptable rating and suggest you use it at your own risk.


Pros and Cons of Zyrexin Pills

Here are our Zyrexin pros and cons, based on user reviews and manufacturer’s description of the product.


  • Guaranteed to work
  • Full refund for non-satisfaction
  • Discreet packaging and billing
  • US patented ingredient

Cons/Potential Issues

  • Risk of strong side effects
  • No real claim about what to expect
  • Very mixed reviews

Does zyrexin work?Results and effects of Zyrexin Pills

Because the company doesn’t make any specific claims about what Zyrexin can do, we have to consider what people are saying about it. That’s one way to help figure out exactly what the product will do.

But we do know what it doesn’t do. In the FAQs, the company states outright that taking it doesn’t automatically result in an erection. You have to be aroused first, which means that this product doesn’t cause arousal. That’s an important distinction between Zyrexin and other products that claim to increase your sex drive. It also tells us a little more about what the product may do instead.

Based on what users are saying, and what the company has said about erections and arousal, Zyrexin is a pill designed to create firmer erections by way of increased blood flow. In other words, the pill helps you get and maintain an erection after you are already aroused, but it’s not designed to stimulate you. You have to do something to get aroused. On the website, the company suggests that you “engage in some form of sexual stimulation like kissing, petting or visualization” first, and then Zyrexin will begin to work.

According to users, Zyrexin does any number of things. Company-provided testimonials are from men who are all over the age of 40, and some of the things they said include: “my wife told me I’m larger” and “If you really want one awesome erection and delay in orgasm, this is the stuff.” Those are further proof that the product is really about erections, which is very desirable, and we find it interesting that the company doesn’t just say that outright.

Zyrexin only lists five testimonials on its website. Four of the five explicitly say that it doesn’t have any side effects. However, they don’t go into detail about exactly what kind of results to expect. The most prominent positive outcome included in testimonials is lack of side effects. It could be that the company wants to avoid describing an outcome that not everyone gets, such as a firmer erection.


What makes Zyrexin work?

In order to talk about what really makes Zyrexin work, we took a deeper look at the patented ingredient, Butea Superba. The patent, which is available on the US Patent Office website, makes 6 claims about breast enlargement, which initially suggests it has nothing to do with erections or sexual dysfunction.

A deeper dive into the patent shows that a clinical study was done on Butea Superba taken as a food supplement. In the study, 142 impotent men between the ages of 20 and 55 were given either a placebo, 200 mg of Butea Superba twice a day, or 400 mg of Butea Superba twice a day. The three groups were tested for two months.

The results showed that the men taking Butea Superba in the larger dose experienced more erections or faster erections than those taking the placebo. It’s really important for us to note, though, that these men were given Butea Superba every day.

Butea Superba isn’t a fast-action ingredient. In the study, the average number of days before a man got an erection, if he was taking 200mg/2x per day was 7 days. The average number of day before a man got an erection, if he was taking 400mg/2x per day was 4 days. The study also indicated that the results were stronger if Butea Superba was combined with Mucuna colletti, which is not present in Zyrexin.

Zyrexin Ingredients

Zyrexin contains a proprietary blend of ingredients listed below.

  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa: This herb is commonly associated with improvements in sexual function, because it inhibits a compound in the body known as PDE-5. PDE-5 breaks down Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP), which is necessary to maintain an erection. Because Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa inhibits PDE-5, it is linked to known as an erectile dysfunction remedy.
  • Epimedium Extract – Epimedium is also known as Horny Goat Weed, as it’s one of the most common ingredients found in male enhancement pills. It’s a known aphrodisiac, thought to boost sexual performance by increasing the libido and sex drive.
  • Yohimbe Extract– Yohimbe is another very popular ingredient in sexual performance boosters, especially the fast-acting ones. It’s commonly linked with increasing sex drive and fighting the effects of antidepressants. The downside is that it’s also known for very debilitating side effects.
  • Ginkgo Extract – Ginkgo extract is a common supplement known for increased energy and is also known for supporting sexual performance. It can help reverse the effects of antidepressants that often reduce sex drive.
  • Cnidium Extract– Sometimes referred to as a “pro-erectile,” cnidium extract is known for helping to boost sex drive and for stronger and longer-lasting erections.
  • Velvet Bean Extract – Velvet bean extract is a trusted herbal remedy associated with libido and sex drive, and it’s also known to have very few side effects. It’s used in a number of male enhancement pills, both dietary supplements and fast-acting pills.
  • Butea Superba Extract– As stated above, Butea is proven to help men with erectile dysfunction or impotence get and keep an erection.
  • L-Arginine– The benefit of L-Arginine including expanding the arteries to allow for better circulation of the blood stream, which is important to getting an erection and keeping it, too.


Is Zyrexin safe to use?

Zyrexin may be safe to use. Each of the ingredients is safe individually, though some may have side effects that are uncomfortable. As always, consult a physician or medical professional if you have concerns, and especially if you already have a medical condition involving your heart.


Zyrexin Side effects and contraindications

As a fast-acting natural supplement, Zyrexin ingredient include Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a bit of a troublesome ingredient in male enhancement pills. Many users report very serious side effects of products that continue Yohimbe, including the shakes/shivers, severe nausea, and vomiting that lasts for as long as the pill does or even longer. Some experts in natural supplements warn against consuming any product with Yohimbe. At the same time, the Yohimbe in the product is likely the reason it works so fast. So, for somebody Zyrexin may have side effects that are uncomfortable.


Where to Buy Zyrexin Pills

You can buy Zyrexin online directly from the manufacturer. It is also in a number of retail stores, including corner drugstores like Rite Aid and Alpha XR. The only issue is that you can’t buy it online through those retailers, only in person. If you buy it through the manufacturer, you will be able to get the money back guarantee and you can also call them with questions before or after the purchase.

Zyrexin is not available on Alpha XR or any other major online retailers at this time.