Top 5 Best Non Latex Condoms – Pros, Cons and Prices Reviews

Most male condoms are made of latex which is a milky white liquid composed of rubber particles. This material has very good tensile, elongation, tear resistant and resilient properties making it a suitable option to use in condoms. However, many people are allergic to latex so cannot use standard latex condoms. Instead they have to rely on some of the best non latex condoms available.

So if you do have an allergy to latex, then reaction can present itself in your private parts as itching, rashes and other types of discomfort. This is the last things you want since it’s not a good way to enjoy sex. However, using non-latex condoms will allow anyone with a latex allergy to enjoy pain free and pleasurable sex.

Plus, latex free condoms are not only for individuals who are allergic but can be used by others as well. They are popular as they have a different feel and sensation than traditional latex condoms. Some people refer these to latex condoms as they provide a natural skin on skin sensation and can enhance the sexual experience.

So what are some of your options when considering non latex condoms? Let’s take a look:

Alternatives to latex condoms

All male condoms serve the purpose or preventing unwanted pregnancies. Plus, they are supposed to prevent the transmission of STIs and STDs as well. And while all types are rather effective in doing the first, not every type can do the second. Here are what your non latex options will offer:

Polyurethane non latex condoms

Polyurethane is a popular latex condom alternative. It is made from a special type of synthetic plastic which is clear in color and has a texture similar to cling wrap. This condom has a noticeably different feel than latex and offers a safe alternative for anyone with a latex allergy.

It is effective for both preventing against pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Polyisoprene non latex condoms

Polyisoprene is a synthetic material derived from the sap of the Hevea tree. This material has no latex proteins but is still fairly safe and strong. It is the latest type of condom on the market that is hypoallergenic, elastic, inexpensive and effective.

While condoms made from this material may not be as thin as those made from polyurethane, they are equally stretchy and feature lower slippage and breakage rates.

Polyisoprene condoms work well in the areas of preventing pregnancies and preventing STIs and STDs.

Lambskin condoms

Also known as natural condoms, this type uses a layer of membrane from lamb intestine called the cecum. This is the oldest type of condom available but is only effective in preventing pregnancies and nor STIs or STDs.

In the past, lambskin used to be the only type of condom available for individuals with a latex allergy.

When compared with other non-latex condoms, lambskin condoms provide a heightened sensation as they tend to be thinner than others. They also create a more natural skin to skin feel than other versions.

Lambskin condoms are suitable for use with all types of lubricants and transmit heat very well.

Latex vs non latex condoms

So if there are other efficient non latex condoms available, why do people still use latex condoms? Well, the first reason for this is that they are the most basic way of shielding against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

They are extremely durable, being able to stretch up to 800% of their size and hold up very well against the friction and heat of intercourse.

Latex condoms are also far more cost effective than other types and come in a huge range of sizes and types. They can range in size, shape, thickness and texture to suit everyone’s needs individually. Along with the basic features you can also choose from additional features like sensations, colors and even flavors.

Latex condoms offer both versatility and utility and their popularity can be seen from the fact that 90% of all condoms are made from latex. And the fact that they can be mass produced makes them more feasible cost-wise as well.

On the flip side, they can cause allergies and can degrade when you use them with oil based lubricants. Products like Vaseline, lotion or coconut oil are associated with more susceptibility to breakage. Instead, it is better to use silicone based or water based lubricants.

So in case latex condoms do not suit you, or you want to try the latex free versions, here is what you should be looking for in a quality non latex condom:

Benefits of non-latex condoms

Being free of any allergic reactions is the obvious benefit of using latex free condoms, but it isn’t the only one. Instead, condoms made from polyisoprene are way thinner than those made from latex and yield a feel closer to the real thing. Polyisoprene also transmits heat better than latex and can heighten pleasure.

There is a typical smell associated with most latex products including condoms. However, when you use the latex free version, this problem is eliminated.

Latex free condoms are suitable for use with all types of lubricants including water based, silicone based and oil based.

Polyurethane condoms, in particular are on average wider than latex condoms. So should you find the latex version too tight, you can always opt for the polyurethane condom for a less constricting fit.

The feel of good quality non-latex condoms is said to be not only softer but also more elastic than their latex counterparts which adds to the natural feeling.

Drawbacks of non-latex condoms

Even though some flexibility is there, polyisoprene condoms are not as flexible as latex ones, so may need a lot of lubricants.

According to clinical studies, if proper care isn’t administered, non-latex condoms are more prone to breakage than their counterparts.

Polyurethane condoms are more expensive than both latex and polyisoprene condoms, while lambskin ones are the most expensive type.

Polyisoprene condoms, on the other hand, are thicker than their polyurethane counterparts which may result in not as much sensation during intercourse. Polyisoprene condoms will also not retain their integrity when used with lubricants that are oil based since polyisoprene is essentially the same type of rubber as latex with only the proteins removed to make it hypoallergenic.

If you are using lambskin condoms, it is very important to remember that these do not protect against either STIs or STDs. Since lambskin naturally has tiny pores, it can allow bacteria and viruses to slip through while preventing sperm to do so.

5 Best Non Latex Condoms – Our Picks and Reviews

Here we have compiled a list of the best non latex condoms available on Amazon:

1. LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms

A brand to be reckoned with, this pack from LifeStyle contains an assortment of 24 non latex lubricated condoms. You will find 10 original, 6 extra studded and 8 extra lubricated condoms in each pack.

The SKYN original is the company’s bestselling condom made from polyisoprene that delivers and enhanced experience. This condom provides a softer and more natural feel than latex. It comes with a long lasting, water based ultra-smooth lubricant that leaves skin hydrated and not sticky or greasy in any way. In addition, this condom transfers heat and sensation well for more pleasure.

The SKYN extra studded version is for people who want to experience intensely deep studs. Use this condom to keep things going and heighten pleasure in the most sensitive areas. Made from a non-latex soft material this condom will provide more pleasure to both partners.

The SKYN extra lubricated condoms is an improvement on its original version by adding in 40% more long lasting lubricant. This condom delivers great sensitivity, no latex scent, transfers body heat well and stays lubricated.

This is a pack for couples who wish to keep things interesting and different for every individual experience.


  • Comes with 3 different varieties of condoms
  • Non latex and hypoallergenic
  • Traditional fit for added comfort
  • Attractive packaging


  • Sizing may be tight

2. LifeStyle SKYN Elite Condoms

Another variation of top selling non latex condoms form LifeStyle, the Elite condom is a 20 % thinner condom than the original without compromising strength or effectiveness. Outside the brand itself, it is 10% thinner that most other polyisoprene condoms on the market.  The thinner material is helpful in intensifying sensation and giving you a more skin like feel.

This pack comes with 10 non latex lubricated condoms using SKYNFEEL material which delivers the strength of premium latex but without any of its side effects. This condom has a straight shape providing a natural fit and feel. This is a regular sized condom with a classical shape meaning it is suited for most men.

Customers have called this ultra-soft and ultra-thin condom the closest thing to wearing nothing. It is recommended for people who want a near-invisible condom that delivers both safety and utility.


  • Easy to remove packaging
  • No strong odor
  • Smooth texture


  • Being polyisoprene, you cannot use this condom with oil based lubricants

3. Durex Avanti Bare RealFeel Non Latex Condom

This popular non latex condom has been engineered to give users the best skin on skin feeling. Available in packs of 3, 10 or 24, this polyisoprene condom provides the ultimate in protection and performance.

This latex free condom comes with an easy on shape and provides comfortable wear through your sexual experience. Each condom is fully tested electronically to check its strength, reliability and resilience. This gives users a condom that is considerably softer and more comfortable yet very sturdy. The condom features smart elasticity that gives you a well-tailored fit overtime without the hassle of slipping off.

The condoms are also free of any rubber like odor and smell pleasant. They also do not present any rubber like feel making the sexual experience more appealing and less distracting.


  • No strong smell
  • Easy to put on
  • Come from a trusted brand source


  • Cannot be used with oil based lubricants
  • Sizing runs small

4. Trojan Supra Bare Skin Premium Microsheer Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms

The Trojan supra line of non-latex condoms are manufactured from ultra-thin polyurethane. These are an ideal fit for anyone with an allergy or others who want to use latex free condoms during their time together.

This thin condom is for couples who want to have a highly sensitive experience and get the most pleasure from intercourse. These condoms feature a classic shape, are very smooth and transmit body heat very well.

Size-wise these condoms are somewhat larger than regular sized condoms and may measure up to size Large of other brands.

These Trojan non latex condoms are transparent and odorless and are electronically tested to ensure reliability. They are available in packs of 3s and 6s and fortified with premium lubricant. Use these to enhance your sexual experience while preventing pregnancy and protection from STDs and STIs.

For optimal performance, the box does warn not using additional lubricants with this condom.


  • Premium lubrication
  • No latex allergens
  • Transmits body heat
  • Odor free
  • Made form medical grade polyurethane


  • Durability is questionable

5. Trojan Naturalamb Luxury Lubricated Natural Skin Condoms

This condom by Trojan is the only natural skin condom available. It is ideal for anyone looking for a latex free option that provides ultra-enhanced sensitivity, durability and reliability during sex. When compared to polyurethane or polyioprene, lambskin condoms seems to offer a more natural feel and heightened intimacy.

Lambskin condoms also have the advantage of transmitting body heat better than other options. Plus, these condoms are biodegradable. Having said that, these condoms do comes with a distinct smell that may not be for everyone. It will likely take some time getting used to,

Ideally suited for monogamous couples who are certain that their partner is disease free, this latex free condom will deliver the results you desire. This condom does not protects against STIs or STDs.


  • Offers more natural feel
  • Water based lubricant for comfort and sensitivity


  • Comes in one size only
  • Has a distinct smell
  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases
  • More expensive than other options

You can choose from this list of the best non-latex condoms to practice both safe sex and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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