Top 6 Best Flavored Condoms – Pros, Cons and Prices Reviews

Flavored condoms are just a type of novelty condoms with some flavor added to spice up your sex life. They are actually regular latex condoms with a flavored coating to make oral intercourse more enjoyable for partners. If you use some of the best flavored condoms, you can add in some playful moments to your time together.

When using flavored condoms, there are a lot of different options you can choose from. All are safe for consumption and you can easily find one to your liking and preferences as per your mood.

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what are flavored condoms for?

Flavored condoms are ideal for oral sex only. Most individuals believe that because oral sex isn’t anal or vaginal penetration, there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, there is still a chance of contracting STIs if you are in contact with someone with an infection.

This possibility occurs because STIs may be spread via skin to skin contact, through sexual fluids or blood. Having said that, it’s safe to assume that STIs can be prevented from transmission by using a condom. Using one when engaging in oral sex will ensure that this does not happen.

It is, however recommended to avoid using even the best flavored condoms for vaginal intercourse as these products contain artificial flavorings and sugars that can present the possibility of vaginal infections. Instead opt for using a regular condom in this situation.

Where do condoms get their flavor from?

Most flavored condoms use the ingredient glycerin for their flavoring. Artificial colorings, flavors and scents are also added to enhance the experience.

Taste of Best Flavored Condoms

With so many flavored condoms on the market, how do you know which have a yummy taste and which you should avoid? Luckily, you’re not the first person to ask this question. We’ve gathered information from multiple tests of flavored condoms, and here are the results:


Chocolate: Out of eight different condom flavors tested by the Huffington Post, chocolate was considered to be, by far, the best tasting. For many people, chocolate is the ultimate embodiment of all things sweet, so condom manufacturers have a good incentive to come up with chocolate-flavored condoms that taste just like the real thing.

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Strawberry: A blog on the Houston Press newspaper site also tested chocolate, along with several other flavors, but their results were surprisingly different. While chocolate didn’t make a very good impression, strawberry has seduced everyone with its “surprisingly tart and fruity flavor reminiscent of those old-school hard candies in the wrappers that look like strawberries.”


Cola: The one flavor that unfortunately failed to impress even a single person was cola. The testers have said that it tasted like licorice and definitely not cola. Puzzlingly, the cola-flavored condom was the only one that was typical latex condom color. We’re not too surprised to hear that the condoms tasted bad. After all, we inseparably associate the flavor of cola with fizzy bubbles.


Grape: Another flavor that failed to live up to expectations was grape. This time the taste test was performed by Dannis Ree, also known as The Pizzle. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a can of grape soda once every five years, but this isn’t anywhere near the same thing,” said Dannis in his blog post. Apparently, grape-flavored condoms taste like cough syrup—not our idea of sexy.

Mint: Mint-flavored condoms were tested by Alpha XR staff, who agreed that mint is the best tasting condom flavor. Not only does it takes like real mint, but the flavor is plentiful and pleasantly refreshing.

What is the point of flavored condoms?

Flavored condoms share many of the benefits of using a regular condoms. They just add a spin on the element of excitement and a greater sense of fulfillment to your sexual experience.

  • Keep STDs at bay

Since STI can also be transmitted via oral sex, it is best to use a condom to prevent this. Flavored condoms are an ideal use in this case as they can make the experience far more enjoyable than using regular condoms which can come with a typical latex or rubber like taste.

  • Make your experience more fun

In addition to practicing caution, high quality flavored condoms can greatly enhance your experience. Flavored condoms make oral sex more pleasurable and even come in colors to complement the flavor.

  • Fragrance can be a turn on

The different fragrances accompanying the different flavors will make the experience more pleasurable. Fragrance can also acts as a stimulation and make the experience of oral sex more attractive.

  • Masks latex flavor and smell

Since latex is not entirely odorless and also comes with a distinct flavor, the flavors help mask the typical latex taste and smell that most condoms come with.

Drawbacks of flavored condoms

  • Not recommended for vaginal intercourse
  • Sugars and glycerin do not complement female private parts so should not be used for regular sex. Both can interfere with or throw off the pH balance in the area and increase the chance of developing a yeast infection.
  • Comes in standard sizes
  • Although these condoms may offer a variety in the taste department, they are pretty standard otherwise. This means you get a fairly regular condom that is a standard straight with no other added features- just the taste. There are no shapes or textures to choose from.

How to use flavored condoms?

The basics here are pretty simple. You use flavored condoms the same way as you would regular ones. But when doing so keep the following in mind to make sure that you use a piece which is not damaged and provides the benefits it promises:

  • Check for expiration date

As with all other similar products, check for expiration date and any rips before using flavored condoms. Expiration date is important for obvious reasons, especially considering that this variety of condoms comes with ingredients like artificial flavorings, coloring and fragrances.

It is also important to check for rips or tears so that no bodily fluids seep through your time together. Rips may also occur when you open the packaging, so practice caution.

  • Storage

Flavored condoms have a tendency to end up in common places like your wallet, car or purse. But when doing so, keep in mind the surrounding heat and pressure. These factors may affect the integrity of the product and make them more susceptible to ripping when used. It is best to store all condoms in a cool, dark place such as a drawer and away from direct sunlight.

  • Size and fit

Condoms should be snug but never too tight. Tight condoms present the possibility of cutting off circulation. The one drawback that flavored condoms present is that they come in a standard size which may not work for everyone. If you use one that is too tight, it will not only feel uncomfortable but also present the possibility of breaking or ripping when used. On the other hand, if it’s not snug enough, it may roll off.

  • Lubricant

If you also plan on using a lubricant with your flavored condom, choose one that will not degrade the product. As such, oil based lubricants should be avoided as these can the chemical structure of a latex condom and cause it to break.

Most condoms gives you a grainy and plastic like feeling, but flavored versions are crafted specifically to eliminate that sensation. Instead, the bestselling flavored condoms will use organic latex that gives you a smooth and thin feel as if there is nothing on without compromising the integrity of the product.

6 Best Flavored Condoms – Our Picks and Reviews

Here we have compile a list of the best flavored condoms that you can find online at Amazon:

1. Lifestyles Luscious Flavors assorted Variety Lubricated Latex Condoms- 24 Pack

This pack comes in an assorted variety of flavors and you can work with the one you like. This popular flavored condom variety comes as a straight fit with an 8 inch length and i.19 inch diameter. The width of the condom is 1.87 inches while the circumference is 3.74 inches.

Although made from latex, the flavors and scents used in manufacturing mask the latex smell and taste fairly well. The flavors do not seem overly processed and deliver pleasant result with a hint of subtlety.

The flavors do tend to wear off as the lube wears off but can be complemented with other lubricants. The lube used on this product is water based which will not degrade the integrity of the condom, but it also means that there is some type of sugar used to give it the flavor.

As such, it is highly recommended to use this flavored condom for oral sex only.

The different flavors that this brand offers includes vanilla, strawberry, banana, blueberry and chocolate.


  • Assortment of flavors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sweet, natural tasting lubricant


  • Unattractive packaging
  • Flavors wear away too quickly

2. Fantasy Flavored Condoms Variety Pack

This brand offers an interesting assortment of flavors like banana, mint, strawberry, chocolate, grape and vanilla to choose from.

The dimension for this product measure 8.12 inches in length, 1.27 inches in diameter with a 2 inch width and 4 inch circumference.

These bestselling flavored condoms incorporate a drool worthy scent to go with each flavor and just the right color to seal the deal. This brand offers the largest sized condom in the flavored condoms department.

It has a soft and smooth feel with a translucent appearance and comes with a reservoir tip. The condom is also extremely thin and gives a very natural feel when used.

Although the flavors are not as strong as those offered by other brands, they are fairly effective at masking the latex taste. The condoms use a water based lubricant which may not be enough for everyone so it is recommended to use some additional lubricant with this product.


  • Assorted flavors
  • Thin, natural feel
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Suitable for larger sized males


  • Lack of intense flavor

3. Durex Tropical Flavors Collection

This pack of quality flavored condoms features four tasty flavors of strawberry, banana, orange and apple. It is a pack of 12 ultra-fine lubricated latex condoms.

The tropical flavors are paired with exciting scents to add some excitement between you and your partner. The wrappers are color coded to go with flavors but the actual flavor isn’t listed on the packaging. The condom specs measure a length of 8.25 inches with a width of 2.2 inches. The diameter of this product spans 1.35 inches with a 2.12 inch circumference.

The materials is latex and features include a reservoir tip, assorted colors and flavors. There is an adequate amount of lube on the condom for oral sex without the need to add on more.

Durex flavored condoms are all tested electronically for reliability and exceed standards in the condom industry. All products come with 2-5 years of expiration dates.

There is also a purse, pocket or travel case included to hold the condoms discreetly.


  • Suitable for above average sized individuals
  • Good for the price
  • Great tasting flavors


  • May smell a little of latex

4. LifeStyles SKYN Cocktail Club Premium Flavored Condoms

This pack of ten non latex lubricated condoms feature 3 unique flavors of Pina Colada, Cherry Sunshine and Passion Daiquiri. Inspired by the world’s most popular cocktails, this bunch of condoms offers a blend of intoxicating flavors and scented condoms for an exciting time together.

The flavored condom features a straight shape, and standard fit with a long lasting lubricant paired with the strength of premium latex. Condom specs measure a base width of 2.09 inches with a 4.17 inch circumference. The length of this product measures 7.86 inches and it comes in a retail box of 10.


  • Non latex product
  • Very different flavors
  • Attractive packaging


  • Sizing runs snug

5. Royal Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms- Strawberry

This brand offers a collection of flavored condoms that are made with premium non-toxic latex. They use the best, organic, vegan and non-GMO latex available that delivers a smooth and silky condom that feels like you have nothing on.

Their condoms are all FDA approved and 100% safe. The condoms also use the highest quality, food grade ingestible food lubricant to enhance the pleasure. There is no unpleasant odor but a long lasting flavor to take you through your sexual experience.

The Royal brand offers condoms in strawberry and chocolate flavors to enhance your experience. The packaging is sleek and attractive yet subtle enough to not warrant too much unwanted attention.


  • Sleek packaging
  • Organic latex
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • No offensive latex taste or flavor
  • Electronically tested for reliability


  • Not as thin as advertised

6. Trustex Flavored Assorted Condom Pack of 24

This brand of flavored condoms offers the greatest variety in terms of taste options. There are seven delectable flavors to choose from including banana, vanilla, strawberry, grape, cola, mint and chocolate.

The packaging comes color coordinated with the flavors and you get a random assortment based on availability. However, if you prefer a specific flavor, then you can also place separate orders flavor wise.

While the fruity flavors are also available in many other brands, the mint and cola flavors are more specific to this brand. Their cola flavor, in particular is exclusive and delivers a surprisingly similar taste to real cola. It may just remind you of a freshly opened soda can minus the fizz.

You may be able to find the mint flavor offered by other brands but the Trustex version delivers a tingling mintiness leaning more towards spearmint than peppermint. Give it a feel and you may be reminded of your favorite mouthwash, toothpaste or even chewing gum.

Condom dimensions measure 7.87 inches in length, and 1.19 inches in diameter. The width comes in at 1.87 inches and the circumference at 3.74 inches.


  • Lots of flavors
  • Vibrant colors
  • Well suited for oral sex


  • May be somewhat tight fitting

You can choose from our list of the best flavored condoms to invigorate your senses with exceptional flavors or hues. Most options also come with flavored lubrication for maximum pleasure and make for great oral sex.

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