How to get an erection fast? 9 tips you need know!

If you’re looking to speed up the time it takes you to get an erection, learn how to get an erection fast using the nine tips below.

What causes slow erections?

It takes more time for older men to get aroused than younger men. After 50, erections may not come as quickly as they did before. That is okay. It is a natural part of the aging process. A slow erection does not mean you have erectile dysfunction, either. Doctors diagnose erectile dysfunction. It is a medical condition. More than half of older men never develop erectile dysfunction.

If your erections are slow and you don’t think that’s normal, talk to your doctor first before figuring out how to get an erection fast. If your erections are slow and you are feeling fine, you can speed up the process naturally. Or, maybe you just need a quick erection due to time limits. Some of these tips work for that, too.

The natural tips to get an erection fast.

The tips in this article are natural and don’t require medication. You can take male enhancement supplements or do ProExtender Device to speed up an erection. However, it’s better to do it naturally. The body can take care of itself. For the most part, though, take the time to get stimulated naturally.  In a pinch, use the tips below to learn how to get an erection fast.

Tip #1: Stay in Shape

The first tip on how to get an erection fast is to stay in shape. Strong, lasting erections are a way of life for healthy men who take care of their bodies. As long as there aren’t medical concerns, you should be able to get an erection fast when you are stimulated.

Staying in shape means eating good, healthy food and exercising regularly. In order to stay in shape, you should continue a moderate to intense workout routine that includes aerobic exercise, like running, cycling, or swimming. Fun ways to exercise without getting bored include kickboxing, martial arts, dancing, skiing, or surfing. Try to add these fun activities to your lifestyle.

If you are not already in shape, make it a point to get in shape. Exercise will increase your self esteem and confidence. It will also increase your testosterone levels. You and your partner will both feel better about your body if you take care of it. Even when we are completely in love, we can feel self-conscious about our bodies, which leads to anxiety. Exercise in order to lose weight, increase your mood, and decrease stress.

Here’s a tip: focus on building strength in your arms, chest, and legs first. You’ll notice changes right away in these areas. Those changes keep you going. Your partner is likely to love your strong arms, chest, and legs, too. Add crunches, bicep curls, chin ups, pushups, and squats to any strength training routine you do. Squats also improve your glutes, which is sure to please your partner.

Tip #2: Try out new ways of foreplay

If you struggle with a slow erection, try this tip. The second tip for how to get an erection fast is to try out new ways of foreplay. Change things up by playing games with your partner that stimulate your mind and make you think about sex. Instead of just watching porn, try watching a regular show that has steamy scenes. The anticipation may help turn you on and give you body the jolt it needs.

Another reason to turn to foreplay is if the idea of penetration scares you. Foreplay feels less risky. If you are concerned with penetration or afraid of pregnancy, for example, focus just on the foreplay. This will create the erection you need and then sex will be natural.

Here are some tips for foreplay and games to try for a fast erection:

  • Try sexual push-ups. Turn your partner on – and yourself at the same time! Exercise stimulates blood flow, and watching you work out my rev up your partner. You do not have to make this a sexual position. Just doing push-ups over your partner will be stimulating enough.
  • Kiss and tell. Kiss your partner, or kiss an erogenous zone, and then tell a secret. Let your partner do the same. Repeat until you both are very turned on. To make it hotter, kiss a different erogenous zone for every secret.
  • Naked hide and seek. There is no pressure to have an immediate erection. Just remove your clothes, and take turns hiding and finding each other. Turn out the lights for more stimulation.
  • Watch your partner doing chores naked. Or, really, watch your partner doing anything naked so long as it’s not related to sex. This relieves the pressure on sexual performance or penetration and is simply a sensual, fun thing to do.

Tip #3: Go for a run

Here’s the third tip for how to get an erection fast: just before sex, go for a short but fast run. Make it short, because you don’t want to get too tired to actually have sex when you’re done. This is more of a warm up. Running gets the heart pumping, which increases circulation throughout the whole body. If your body isn’t used to running, doing this regularly before sex will benefit you in more ways than just one. You heart will be constantly pumping more blood through your body. Because of this, more blood will be available to flow to your penis, creating a stronger erection more quickly.

An article in Runner’s World suggested that running is very beneficial for erections. The author writes, “If you’re currently a couch potato, [Dr. Tobias Kohler] says taking up running will lead to improved erections within a few months.”

Take up running as a regular exercise for better erections, in general. Any activity that gets your heart pumping stronger and for longer periods of time will help. For fast erections, a quick run should help do the trick.

Tip #4: Fantasize all day

Another tip for getting an erection fast: fantasize. Men who fantasize about sex throughout the day report getting erections frequently. If you’re in a relationship, ask your partner to send pictures to you through text or email. This somewhat risky behavior may turn you on and help you get an erection faster later on in the day.

Tip #5: Visualize

If you’ve trained yourself to look away from things that turn you on, that’s where this tip for how to get an erection fast comes in. Don’t gawk at things that turn you on or stare, but allow yourself to get triggered by sexy visuals when you see them. Constantly stifling a sexual reaction may cause slow erections over time. Make sure you stay sensitive to and triggered by the things that you find stimulating. This could be cleavage, pictures in a magazine, or just reading some erotic. Whatever the case, let your mind visualize and daydream about those things. Be careful how you do it, but definitely do not regularly try to stop it.

If you’re having trouble fantasizing about sex due to low libido, try searching online for research on male fantasies. You may become stimulated by fantasies that other men have had. Their fantasies may inspire your own, as well.

Keep in mind that much of a hard, fast erection is psychological. Eliminate guilt, anxiety, and stress, especially right before sex. Deal with those issues before a date or before the time you plan to have sex with your partner. Your mind is powerful and can negatively impact your sex life.

Tip #6: Talk about sex with your partner

Here’s a fun tip for how to get an erection fast: talk about sex more. Talk about sex with your partner or someone you find attractive. Before sex, strike up a sexy conversation over text that involves graphics, ideally. Talk about what you find sexy, what you fantasize about, what you plan to do during sex, and what you find hot or attractive in your partner.

If there’s no one to talk to, then listening to sex can be a great way to trigger yourself and get an erection fast. Listening engages only the ears. Your mind comes up with the picture of what’s happening because there is no visual. This is a great technique for turning yourself on. You can listen to sex by just listening to a video and not watching it, or, listen to a song that has a lot of sexual undertone to it.

If you have a neighbor that has sex loudly, don’t tune it out. Listen in and see if it helps you get an erection quickly.

Here’s a tip for getting a fast erection by listening to sex: with your partner’s permission, record audio of your sex for a few minutes. Even a minute of audio is enough. Keep this on your phone and listen to it during foreplay or any other time when you want to get an erection fast.

Tip #7: Read erotic books

This is a clever tip for how to get an erection fast. If you need help getting an erection fast on a regular basis, head to your local bookstore and invest in some erotic novels.

Even though the target audience for these books are usually women, reading about sex has the same effect as listening to sex.

Another way to do this without spending any money is to search online for passages from erotic books. Keep a snippet or two in your phone. While your partner is distracted, get a fast erection by pulling out your phone and reading the passage again.

Choose one that is especially erotic.

Read erotic books alone or with your partner. Or, for more fun, try reading passages from the books to your partner.

Some of the benefits of reading erotic books are that you:

  • Get more in touch with your sexual side
  • Decrease or reduce stress
  • Entertain yourself in the process

Tip #8: Pay attention to your erogenous zones

The best way to get a strong, fast erection is to listen to your body and know what works best. Men have several erogenous zones that aren’t always stimulated. Read about these erogenous zones and ask your partner to touch and play with them during foreplay or don’t hesitate to stimulate yourself with them.

  • Inner thighs: If you’re alone and you want to get an erection fast, grab and squeeze your inner thighs. The closer you get to your penis without touching it, the more stimulating it will be and you will likely get an erection. If you’re with a partner, let your partner touch, caress, press, or squeeze your inner thighs tightly. This will increase blood flow in the area which will create a strong erection.
  • Neck: The neck is an erogenous zone for men and women, as is the back of the ears. Have your partner touch and kiss your neck and see what happens to your erection. If you begin getting hard, keep it up. This kind of erogenous foreplay practice will get your body used to fast erections often.
  • Other erogenous zones: belly button and below the belly button, hands, sacrum, and penis

Remember to stimulate yourself. Touching your own penis, but not necessarily masturbating, is a great way to figure out how sensitive you are to touch. Work on staying sensitive, because that is the quickest way to an erection.

Tip #9: Wear boxers

This is a lesser known tip for how to get a fast erection. Wear boxer shorts instead of tight-fitting underwear. Boxer shorts allow blood to flow. Tight-fitting underwear restricts circulation. A fast erection needs a strong current of blood flow to the penis.

Tight underwear is restrictive. On the other hand, boxer shorts are free flowing. Tight underwear doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction, but it can reduce blood flow or cut off circulation. You need strong circulation for a fast, strong erection.

If you don’t want to wear boxers all the time, wear them on days you plan to have sex. Drink plenty of water that day so you stay completely hydrated. Both of these things help with a fast erection. When you get up in the morning, think about the day ahead and plan the right clothes. Wear loose fitting boxers, pants with room in the groin area, and drink lots of water.