VigRX Plus reviews – Can it really work?

VigRX Plus reviews 2017
  • bigger and firmer erection
  • Control of the erection
  • Superb sex drive (libido)
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No side effcets
  • Guarantee & Money back


With all the amazing user testimonials, test results, and a safety and reliability guarantee, VigRX Plus is simply the champion among the male enhancement products of today. It’s not a drug, yet it cures you. And it cures what you care about the most—your manly self-esteem and pride. This is the philosophy of all natural and traditional medicines that have helped men throughout millennia. And if you want only the best and most reliable natural supplement for yourself—or if you want to take it for your partner—then this is the product you will choose. VigRX Plus reviews around the internet all come to the same bottom line: It simply works! But the best judge of this will be your own satisfaction, accompanied by your partner’s adoration. There is so much to gain—and almost nothing to lose.

Male enhancement pills are widely available on the market, and choosing one that is both safe and effective can be a real adventure these days. This is why we will talk about the undisputed champion among male enhancement pills—a product called VigRX Plus.

Who makes it?

Before we start this detailed VigRX Plus review, let’s meet the highly reputable health company, Leading Edge Health, which stands behind the name VigRX. Leading Edge Health gained its enviable reputation with the powerful formula of this male enhancement product. For over a decade, VigRX has been the most popular male enhancement supplement. Why, you might ask? Well, simply because these pills work extremely well. The formula has a very powerful mixture of herbal ingredients developed by applying the latest scientific methods. This product really produces explosive erections, and gives more pleasure and stamina to the user.

What Does VigRX Plus Do?

With the introduction of the new VigRX Plus formula, the manufacturer added and extra charge to the original highly-successful formulation. They left all the original components intact, and added some new and almost unbelievably-powerful ingredients. These components work together to boost the levels of testosterone and blood flow to the penile tissue. A result of that is a larger and firmer erection, outstanding performance, and increased endurance. You simply will not want to stop having sex—whenever you want, and for as long as you want.
VigRX Plus

Indeed, VigRX Plus has the most comprehensive formula available on the market. Boasting an array of 11 clinically-proven sexual aid components, this supplement will do everything you might need! You will get a huge improvement of blood flow to your male organs, while at the same time your testosterone levels will dramatically increase. Naturally, this results in explosive erections that no other supplement can compete with.You can learn more about some exciting results of medical tests on the official website of VigRX Plus. Keep in mind that this review is totally honest and goes to the smallest details that you might need in order to decide which is the best male enhancement product for you.

Let’s review VigRX Plus results – can it really work?

These pills work and act like a natural stimulant for general sexual performance and ability. If you take VigRX Plus for at least a week, you can expect to see the following benefits:

1. Increased blood flow to the penis during sexual activity, which results in a stronger, bigger, and firmer erection.

2. Significantly improved potential and easily-maintained erection for a much longer period than ever before. 

3. Superb sex drive (libido). This is something that almost every long-term user reported!

4. Increased overall sexual performance, pleasure and satisfaction. The results of this are better self-esteem and confidence, and, therefore, better mental health.

Keep in mind that VigRX Plus—like all other food supplements—may work perfectly for certain users, while others might not feel all the benefits. Let’s be honest: Nobody can know for sure if you will see great results until you try the product for yourself. But the number of men who report amazing results and satisfaction with this product is enormous.

Currently, VigRX Plus is the only male enhancement pill that includes a bioavailability enhancer. This unique ingredient is one of the reasons why the product remains ahead of its competition. Maybe the crucial reason, in fact! This bioavailability enhancer helps the body to properly use all the active ingredients.

Furthermore, a recent medical study by Vedic LifeSciences showed that the positive effects of VigRX Plus are comparable with the drug Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra)—but without any of the negative side effects or health risks. The 12-week clinical trial observed 75 men aged between 25 and 50 and showed that those who took VigRX Plus had a significant improvement in all aspects of sexuality. They had normal erectile function, increased sexual desire, and experienced sexual satisfaction to a much higher level than the men who took a placebo. The study reported that participants who took VigRX Plus experienced:

– A 62.82% improvement in the quality of their erection—a huge growth rate that produced hard-as-a-rock and voluminous erections.

– An increase of 71.43% in sexual satisfaction rates and sexual activity. The positive effects on sexual health became more noticeable throughout the course of treatment.

– 90% of participants who took VigRX Plus said they wanted to continue using the supplement because they were amazed by their new powers.

These are the real facts and the scientifically-supported information. Based on this, there’s no reason not to try VigRX Plus. Its benefits are numerous and well-proven, and there are no known side effects.

Let’s go through some of the basic scientific points of this powerful male enhancement supplement:

• The only male enhancement pill that has undergone clinical trials in humans.

• Dramatically improves the quality of erection for over 60% of men. This was clinically proven.

• Unique reinforcement of active ingredients for increased effectiveness.

• An amazing 67-day money-back guarantee.

• High satisfaction rate from users—less than 1% of customers request a refund.


Powerful and natural ingredients of VigRX Plus pills

Often we read about products which are highly concentrated, natural, miraculous, safe, etc… But can you believe a manufacturer that refuses to openly discuss the ingredients in its products? Of course not! Therefore, let’s take a look at the active ingredients in this top-rated natural male enhancement product:

• Bioperine (10 mg)

One of the main reasons why VigRX Plus is so powerful is the addition of this bioavailability enhancer. It is a compound of black pepper that brings the absorption rate of herbal ingredients to maximum efficiency. This makes them much more effective. Bioperine is a recently-patented compound developed clinically to enhance the absorption (and thus efficiency) of the formulation. In recent clinical trials, the researchers noted that the absorption of nutrients increased dramatically when administered with Bioperine. In fact, the clinical results showed that Bioperine enhances the absorption by over 60%.

• Catuaba (100 mg)

This is a well-known aphrodisiac that has been used by natural healers for centuries. It boosts sexual performance and stamina—which are the main concerns of every man. Performance includes three basic elements: libido, endurance, and erection control. Therefore, this compound is one of the most valuable elements of the VigRX Plus formula.

• Cuscuta (50 mg)

This compound can fix your problems with premature ejaculation while also improving semen quality. By enhancing and fixing overall male reproductive system health, you will get all the benefits of a healthy and sexually advanced man.

• Damiana (200 mg)

This herbal ingredient increases the male libido while enabling the man to perform much longer (and more pleasurable) sexual intercourse. Thanks to Damiana, your stamina during sexual activity will be at a much higher level.

• Epimedium extract (In traditional medicine, this is called Horny Goat Weed) (30 mg)

Epimedium extract(Horny Goat Weed) will help to increase sex drive, and will also have positive effects on blood circulation to and from the penis. This can be compared to prescription potency medication such as Viagra.

• Gingko Biloba Leaf (200 mg)

This is a well-known and popular health booster. Ginkgo Biloba is a plant which increases the genital blood flow. This naturally leads to stronger and firmer erections. Not to mention that by having more blood flow to your penis, the size and appearance will greatly improve.

• Hawthorn (200 mg)

Ancient, natural, and traditional medicine has used this powerful herbal ingredient to enhancing the overall blood circulation of the body. Besides enhancing the blood flow in the genital area, this plant will help to reduce blood cholesterol. This is just one of the overall health-boosting properties of VigRX Plus.

• Korean Red Ginseng (200 mg)

This Asian Panax ginseng variety is a powerful herb used for centuries in the traditional medicine of the Far East. Ancient healers knew that this plant can be used to enhance brain power and erectile function. We have to remember that everything begins in our brain. Some like to say that the primary sexual organ is actually our brain. By powering it with this healing ingredient, you will feel benefits in all areas and aspects of your sexuality.

• Muira Puama (100 mg)

Native to the rainforests of the Amazon, this powerful aphrodisiac has been used for ages in South America. This herbal ingredient boosts sexual powers and reduces any kind of nervousness and stress.

• Saw Palmetto (200 mg)

This is mainly used to promote prostate health. By having a properly working prostate you will also have an increased libido and improved sexual potency.

• Tribulus Terrestris (150 mg)

By adding this compound, the manufacturer made sure that the product will provide you with a long-demonstrated treatment of erectile and sexual dysfunction.

VigRX Plus side effects

Before we talk about the almost non-existent side effects of VigRX Plus, we have to keep in mind that this powerful supplement has been copied and imitated by many unreliable producers and individuals. Because it’s so effective and popular, the product has been the subject of fraud and counterfeit production for years. The manufacturer is taking some serious steps to protect the originality and the reputation. Therefore, they are introducing a security code to the product’s package. You will be able to enter this code on the official website and check if the product is genuine. For the product to be the real thing, it has to be manufactured in the USA and it has to have a price not less than the one listed on the official website.

There have been no reports of negative side effects of VigRX Plus pills so far. Since this product is recommended by doctors, and it clearly lists all the ingredients on the package, you will be on the safe side. However, if you are taking some other medication or supplements—or if you are too sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients—you should consider consulting with a doctor prior to taking it; your doctor will know if you are safe to take VigRX Plus.

Cost and Guarantee

Every good product review has to include the correct and clearly-explained information about pricing and offers. At first, it might seem like VigRX Plus is a bit pricey. But when you keep in mind all the safety and benefits, you might come to a different conclusion. It’s almost impossible to collect these powerful herbs and ingredients in such powerful dosages. The manufacturer takes great pride in the quality and freshness of the ingredients. And let’s not forget the high-tech conditions and scientific approach of the manufacturing process. The latest scientific achievements have been combined with millennia-old knowledge of traditional medicine. The product can be described as a successful outcome of the best things from both worlds. Therefore, this price is actually realistic and quite reasonable. So, you ask, what is the price for VigRX Plus in the end?

The price list shown here demonstrates all the valuable discounts on multi-month purchases that the producer of VigRX Plus offers. Keep in mind that these are the prices offered at the manufacturer’s website.

•For the price of $76.99 you will get 60 pills, which will cover you for one month (two pills per day)

•The discounts start when you decide to order two monthly packages. A price of $143.99 for two boxes will save you $10. This will cover you for two months.

• When you decide to order three boxes, the price will be $205.99. This saves you $25!

• The price of four boxes (a four-month supply) is $267.99—a discount of $40.

• When you are sure that you will be using VigRX Plus for five months, the price for five boxes will be just $329.99. Now this is a noticeable savings of $55.

• With a six-box purchase at $384.99, you will save $77.

• The most valuable option is to purchase a yearly supply of 12 boxes for $489.99. A serious savings of $434 is something that every economics expert will appreciate.

Like with anything else you might want to purchase, it’s always recommended to take more than a one-month supply of VigRX Plus male enhancement pills. A clever man once said: “You have to know when to invest more in order to save more.” Isn’t this a quite basic and understandable philosophy? An ideal way to start with this supplement is to opt for the two-month supply. By the time you use it up, you will still be within the timeframe for the money-back guarantee. Although, the vast majority of users never need this guarantee; almost everyone decides to buy more. Health-boosting supplements made with the latest technology cannot cost less. Not if you want top quality and safe products, anyway. Therefore, we must be honest and say: VigRX Plus is actually a great value male enhancement product.

Erection Fitness program

If you decide to buy VigRX Plus for four months or more, the manufacturer offers a lifetime membership in the pioneering training program called Erection Fitness.

As you would expect from one of the leading male health companies, their exercise program is extremely thoughtful. It offers a comprehensive and powerful program which lasts for 120 days. The program promotes intensive penis enlargement, which is the perfect complement to VigRX Plus.

Therefore, a 3-month or 4-month supply of VigRX Plus is a safe and effective way to add two or more inches to your penis. This usually occurs in just two months! Wow—that is much better (and safer) than any painful surgery. With the addition of the unbelievable offer of a 67-day money-back guarantee (in case you don’t like the product), there is quite little to lose. On the other hand, you will probably gain so much sexual power with this product that you will never think of your past problems.

Where to Buy

Let’s go back to the story about the scams and frauds. Being the leading male enhancement product for over a decade brought some serious fame to VigRX pills. Many people have reported that they received fake and non-effective products under the name VigRX, or even the new VigRX Plus. This tells us that the copies have been circulating in the market for quite some time now. Even the most reliable and famous online stores, such as Amazon and eBay, are places where you can become a victim of a scam. These sites allow third parties to sell whatever products they want without investigating the origin and quality of the items. So the bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with a decision to purchase directly from the manufacturer from their website.