How to produce more sperm? Provide 6 best tips!

Are you planning to start a family in the near future? Even if you are not, you may be interested to know how you can produce more sperm. A normal to high sperm count means that you are living a healthy life, are keeping your stress level low, and that you’re fertile. Low sperm count issues affect men of any age and anywhere in the world. And it’s important to talk about. Here is some useful information if you are looking for tips about how to produce more sperm.

Why does sperm count fluctuate?

Before talking about how to produce more sperm, here’s what we know about sperm counts go up and down. Sometimes sperm counts can vary wildly, ranging from very high to very low. You can’t do anything about this change on a day to day basis. It happens to all men. It is possible, though, for you to keep your sperm count from becoming very low due to lifestyle. But generally, your sperm count is going to vary more often than not.

Regardless of whether you are fertile or are losing fertility, your sperm count is likely to change. It is known that sperm counts can be upwards of 10 million per milliliter at two as low as 2 million per milliliter.

Relying just on sperm count testing isn’t always a good idea, either. Sperm count tests can vary or can be wrong. So, it’s important to just remember that your sperm count can change naturally. It’s going to depend a lot on what is already going on in your body.

Drinking, smoking, and partying too hard may impact your sperm count, but it’s likely that those are not the only things. Quitting alcohol alone is not going to change your sperm count as much as you would think. There are lots of biological reasons that your sperm count may be higher or lower on any given day.

How to test your sperm count?

Here are some of the ways that your sperm count can be tested. Make sure that your sperm count is actually low before you take any dramatic action to increase it. There are a couple of ways that your sperm count can be tested.

Go See Your Doctor

One way you can test your sperm count is by going to see your doctor for a general exam. During a visit like this, your doctor examines your genitals and asks questions about things that you have been doing. Your doctor also asks about your family history. Once all that is covered, your doctor either sends you for further tests or gives you a diagnosis based on what they know of you and, of course, anything else going on in your life. Those things are going to impact the outcome of that kind of diagnosis.

Take a Semen Analysis Test

Another test that can be done to see if your sperm count is low, high, or normal, is a semen analysis. This is where the sperm count is determined after it has been collected and examined. This is done in the lab. Some doctor offices may have a lab on site, and can begin the semen analysis there. But many times, your semen collection will need to be sent off for analysis and you will have to wait for a few weeks in order for the test to come back.

One thing to note about a semen analysis test is that the outcome could be incorrect. As with any sort of medical test, the outcome is only going to be as good as the test sample is clean and high quality. Remember, you might want to have a cross-check or even multiple semen analyses done over time. For example, you may want to have one done on month one, another in month two, and another in month three. Then, you should take the average of those three tests.

The reason you want to do something like this is because there may be other factors that influence your sperm count like stress levels or activity levels. For example, if you are incredibly busy and stressed out during a certain season of the year, that may impact what’s going on in your body. Take the analysis with a grain of salt, and always use more than one result.

Other common piece of advice to men who are using a semen analysis test is to make sure that all the sperm that you ejaculate makes it into the collection cup. Make sure that you do the test accurately and that you ask questions of the lab nurses or whoever is present to administer the test. And if you don’t do it right, don’t hesitate to let them know. You may want to come back on a different day and redo it.

Other Tests

Depending on the reason that your sperm count is low, there may be other tests that would be helpful for you. Here is a quick rundown.

  • Hormone testing is suggested s a test that you can take. It will help you determine if your semen count is abnormally low due to issues with your hormones, like testosterone. This kind of test is done after it is already determined that your sperm count is low.
  • A biopsy of your testicles may indicate if there is a particular issue such as a blockage or something else that is preventing sperm production from happening. This may be less about sperm count in terms of growth, and more about ejaculation.
  • A urinalysis can indicate any sort of infection that may be happening inside of the bladder and in your penis. An infection will impact many parts of your sexual health, including sperm count.

Testing is about determining that your sperm production really is low – instead of just an assumption. Testing also tells you what may be causing low sperm count. Once you know the cause, the things that you want to do to increase and produce more sperm are going to become more clear. Read below for the 6 best tips for how to produce more sperm or try male enhancement supplements(e.g. Semenax,Extenze).

How to produce more sperm

Tip 1. Watch your body temperature

The first tip on how to produce more sperm is to beware of your body temperature. Did you know that sperm developed between 29°C and 35°C if your body gets higher than 36°C you can actually slow down sperm production? This is an important factor. So be aware of how often your body temperature is rising. Sleep in cool sheets and be careful when exercising. Keep the temperature in your home a little bit lower than usual.

Some people believe that a hot bath or shower impacts sperm production. That is not necessarily true, although it is common in conventional wisdom. A prolonged amount of time in a hot tub or a very hot bath could increase your body temperature, but only temporarily. Generally, a few minutes in a hot bath or hot tub will not increase your temperature as much as you would think as the body is self-regulating.

Tip 2. Avoid tight-fitted clothing

The second tip on how to produce more sperm is to be careful about tight-fitting clothes. This includes tight-fitting underwear and tight-fitting jeans, khakis, or other pants that are tight in the pelvic area. As a general rule of thumb, when trying to increase your sexual health, be careful of wearing too many tight-fitting clothes.

Try sleeping in the nude or sleeping with boxers on. Or, sleep in something like flannel pajama pants or sweatpants, provided that they do not make you too hot while you sleep. If you’re trying to regulate your body temperature, there are blankets that you can buy that are specifically designed to do this. You can also sleep with a fan on in your room.

Tip 3. Avoid drugs and alcohol

Another common tip for how to produce more sperm is to clear your body of things that are toxins. These things include a significant amount of alcohol intake, drugs, or synthetic substances including synthetic vitamins. Ultimately, you want your body in the most natural state possible. You want to be sure that your body can function exactly the way that it was designed to do so naturally.

When your body is functioning as it was designed, your body will produce sperm normally. So make sure that there’s nothing in its way. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol unless you also drink water. A good rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed. You won’t have to do this forever! But while you are trying to produce more sperm, it’s a good idea. Also, while you are trying to produce more sperm, it is a good idea to stay away from drugs altogether. This is especially recreational drugs.

Drugs and alcohol impact your vital organs including your heart, brain, and digestive system. All of these need to be functioning well for your body to be healthy enough to increase sperm count.

Tip 4. Masturbate less often

Another common tip on how to produce more sperm is to be careful about the amount of time that you spend masturbating. This is especially true if you ejaculate after masturbating. Conventional wisdom says that ejaculating frequently can reduce the amount of sperm that your body produces regularly. But that theory is not necessarily supported by science. It is just one of those things that is commonly stated. As with a number of ideas regarding sperm count, there is little that science can do to help us figure out how to best produce more. But we do understand that this is something that is talked about quite frequently. So while you are trying to produce more sperm in your body, try to keep masturbation to a minimum.

Tip 5. Eat a healthier diet

The fifth tip on how to produce more sperm is to eat a very healthy diet. Healthy diets consist of fruits and vegetables mainly, followed by protein, and then grains and fat. Sugar is not a necessary component to a healthy diet. It just makes us feel good!

If you’re trying to produce more sperm in your body, you need your body to be at the best physical condition it can be in. Eating a healthy diet is a great way to lose weight, as well. While weight is not necessarily a direct contributor to low sperm count, it can certainly be a contributor to the overall health of your body. Remember, you will need all of your organs and bodily functions working at their best. That means you want to keep your weight stable, and your diet extremely healthy.

The following foods are said to be helpful in improving male sexual health. Eating these foods will not directly translate into increased sperm count. However, they will help your body function sexually the way it should, which will ultimately lead to better sperm count.

Those foods are: dark chocolate, eggs, garlic and spinach, asparagus, bananas, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. These foods were listed on the internet website on how to produce more sperm, and they lead to a healthy diet overall. Eat lots of vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids. You should always be eating a balanced diet.

Tip 6. Reduce the stress in your life

The sixth and final tip on how to produce more sperm is to live a less stressful life. Stress decreases ejaculate, which would include a decreased sperm count. In order to keep your sperm count functioning normally, have as little stress and anxiety in your life as possible. Here are some ways to keep your anxiety and stress levels low.

  • Try a yoga class. This is not only good for stress and anxiety, but yoga has been shown to improve the function of your bodily organs! This would include things like the liver in the stomach and the digestive tract. While those are not directly related to the sexual organs, everything in the body works together.
  • You can meditate as little as three minutes a day and see improvement in your life. There is an app called Headspace which you can download free. It will walk you through a guided meditation that you can do every single day. Try it.