Forta Reviews: Evaluation,Benefits,Results and Side Effect

Forta Reviews
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  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical Studies
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Forta for Men has a strong list of proven, potent ingredients. Men struggling with a variety of issues and symptoms of erectile dysfunction, including but not limited to premature ejaculation, low sex drive, and soft erections, should experience powerful and dramatic results from taking it just before sexual activity. Men can expect longer and firmer erections and perhaps more intense orgasms as a result of the product. That said, It is less available than many other pills that do the same thing. That’s too bad, because it’s a solid product. We give Forta for Men an Okay/Acceptable rating overall.

What is Forta for Men

Forta for Men is a fast acting sexual performance enhancer sold online. With a short list of all-natural, well-known ingredients, the product is simple and straightforward. Men who are interested in a more powerful sexual experience – including stronger orgasms and firmer erections – can benefit from the targeted approach that Forta takes. Even it’s website is uncomplicated and really concise.

Forta makes a lot of promises, and it’s not clear how many can be lived up to. The product is truly an all-around enhancement pill, addressing impotence, low sex drive, soft erections, low stamina, and low testosterone. Is it possible for a single product to address all of these things with such a short list of ingredients? Possibly, if the blend of ingredients was potent enough.

Forta is manufactured by a company called Vivo Brands. Forta for Women is another product that Vivo Brands makes, and is more widely distributed.


In 2016, there was some controversy with Forta for Men which may have led to fewer online retailers carrying the product. Forta for Men was found to be secretly containing a synthetic drug called tadalafil, which is the active ingredient in Cialis. At that time, the product was recalled and couldn’t be purchased. It wasn’t the only drug found to contain tadalafil.

Now, you can purchase Forta for Men again, along with its varieties, on the product’s website along with a few smaller retailers. Some things have changed as far as money back guarantees and ease of purchase, but it at least still available for purchase.


Forta for Men Benefits and Claims

As stated earlier, Forta for Men makes a lot of claims, but there’s not a lot of passion or energy in the marketing or promotion of the product, nor are there many customer reviews anywhere to be seen.

The company claims that Forta for Men supports a healthy male libido. Libido is sex drive, or virility which goes a little beyond sex drive. It goes on to say that the supplement does a number of things, including enhancing pleasure and performance, increasing stamina and the duration of an orgasm, producing firmer and fuller erections, and generally increasing sexual performance.

Those are really specific claims. The likelihood that any one man is going to experience all of those benefits is rare,. But there is a strong possibility that, if you take Forta for Men, you’ll definitely experience some positive outcomes, even if the pill has been restored to a completely all-natural state and doesn’t contain synthetic drugs.

There are known and generally accepted benefits of taking the ingredients that are in Forta for Men. Because of that, we can say with some confidence that most men would experience some positive effects after taking the supplement. It also lacks a couple of the ingredients usually found in fast acting pills that are known for having negative side effects.


Complete Forta for Men Reviews and Evaluation

With a product as straightforward as Forta for Men, and a company website so sparse, it can be really challenging to figure out what makes it stand out. Is it worth the investment? Will it work? These are the questions that we try to answer in this complete review and evaluation. Ultimately we want you to have confidence when researching online, so we looked at a large number of factors before deciding if you should invest.

What we looked at:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical studies
  • Doctor recommendations
  • User reviews
  • Risks of side effects


Our results:

We’ve rated Forta based on the above criteria, from 0 (Very Poor) to 5 (Excellent).

Ratings for Forta
2 (Lacking) – Unfortunately, though it is only speculation, the controversy with Forta for Men and the massive recall probably led to it being so difficult to find. Even the website is not easily found on the first page of Google. You can buy it in a few different places online, but it would be better if it were more widely available. We give the product for Men a Lacking rating for availability.
3 (Okay) – Forta for Men sells 10 capsules for $49.95. While that’s somewhat expensive, it’s actually comparable to many other fast acting male enhancement pills. Considering that you take it when needed, as opposed to every day, it’s somewhat affordable. It’s definitely more than a daily supplement, but not intended to be that. We give the supplement an Okay rating for price since it’s not more or less than the market for the same product type.
5 (Excellent) – Giving an Excellent rating is rare, but for variety, we give Forta an Excellent rating. There are three varieties: Forta for Men, Forta Daily, and Forta Xpload. All three are sufficiently different from each other to warrant a new branding.
Clinical Studies
2 (Lacking) – As expected, no clinical studies have been done to test Forta for Men or its related varieties. Clinical studies on complete, all-natural male enhancement pills are almost non-existent, though some companies do their own studies. Still, we give Forta for Men a Lacking rating for clinical studies.
Doctor Recommendations
3 (Okay) – Apparently, there is a medical doctor (M.D.) approval on record for Forta for Men. Adam Smith, M.D. is listed as a doctor who provided an approval for it. He is listed as associated with the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction, and the American Board of Urology. All we can really do is take the company at their word, so we will assume he is a real doctor and really has recommended Forta. Therefore, we give the product an Okay rating for doctor recommendations.
User Reviews
1 (Poor) – Honestly, there is a serious lack of positive user Forta reviews. There are only a couple of reviews posted on the company website. One was prior to the recall, and one is actually future dated (which is bizarre). Assuming the testimonials are real and the future dated one was just an error on the company’s part, that’s just not enough ratings. Because the product is sold in such a short list of places, there aren’t many reviews. We give Forta a Poor rating for reviews as more reviews would make the product seem more trustworthy.
Risk of Side Effects
4 (Good) – There are not many side effects associated with the products contained in any of the three Forta for Men varieties. So we give it a Good rating for risk of side effects.
Overall Rating
3 (Okay) – Overall, Forta for Men gets an Okay/Acceptable rating. The product should work in most men seeking an overall improvement or enhancement to their sexual experience. It may temporarily address some of the issues causing impotence. There are downsides, though.


Forta for Men Pills Pros and Cons

Here are our Forta pros and cons, based on user reviews and manufacturer’s description of the product.


  • Moderately priced
  • All-natural, well known ingredients
  • Doctor recommended
  • Low risk of side effects

Cons/Potential Issues

  • Not widely available
  • Lack of user reviews, positive or negative
  • Lack of clinical studies

Does Forta for men really work? Results and effects

Based on the ingredients in Forta, the product should definitely work as designed in most men. The product is designed to increase stamina and sperm production, give quicker and stronger erections, and improve duration and stamina.

Though there is a massive lack of user reviews, there are certainly some out there for Forta for men. One unbiased user said outright that the product worked really well for him. The thing is, the product has changed at least once in the past couple of years. Prior to 2016, the product may have worked really, really well, but was found to contain a synthetic drug. That’s unfortunate, because now it is difficult to say if the new product will really work as intended.

Forta for Men is designed to be taken from 45 minutes to 60 minutes before sexual activity. The company strongly warns against taking too much product, or taking it more than once in a 24 hour period. Though no claim of this is made on the product’s website, some users have indicated that the effect can be experienced for 36 hours.

Forta Xpload is similar, but is intended specifically for orgasms. Forta Daily is an all-natural dietary supplement intended for overall sexual health and wellness in men. It is also said to balance testosterone levels and supporting blood flow.


What makes Forta for Men work?

The products work together to support the male reproductive system, stimulating the libido as well as opening up vessels and promoting a boost in circulation and blood flow to the penis. The fast-acting quality of Forta for Men is mostly due to one or two of the ingredients. As with many proprietary all-natural health supplements, the amounts of each ingredient is unknown.

In order to create the benefits claimed by the company, such as stronger erections and increased stamina, the product has to contain ingredients that dilate the blood vessels and force more blood to flow, quickly, to the penis. Erections are the result of strong muscles and blood flow, primarily. Also, increased sex drive and desire are functions of the brain, so the product has to contain some ingredients that are known for increasing libido.

Forta for Men Ingredients :

  • Epimedium brevicornum (leaf) – Epimedium brevicornum leaf is otherwise known as Horny Goat Weed, and is one of the most common ingredients found in any fast acting male enhancement pill. The reason it is so popular is because it’s well-known, and believed to be potent and effective. Among other benefits, Horny Goat Weed is used to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation along with low libido.
  • Cordyceps – Cordyceps is a Chinese medicinal herb long associated with the treatment of erectile issues. There are clinical trials that prove Cordyceps can lead to improvement in sexual performance, but it should be noted that these trials involved men taking cordyceps for long periods of time. It’s not proven that Cordyceps can work in the short-term, as in a fast-acting supplement like Forta. Still, plenty of evidence exists to proven that Cordyceps is effective.
  • Panax ginseng (leaf) – Ginseng is used to treat some symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Clinical studies on Panax ginseng and erectile issues also exists. Among the many positive effects Panax ginseng has in male sexual performance, a primary one is it’s ability to release nitric oxide, resulting in stronger erections. Panax ginseng is also considered a libido enhancer and aphrodisiac.
  • Lycium berries– Lycium berries are otherwise known as goji berries, or wolfberries. Goji berries are said to increase HGH – or human growth hormone, which is a performance enhancer. Goji berries are also linked to increased testosterone. This is another ingredient in Forta for Men that comes backed by a clinical study. The recent (2013) study found that Goji berries supported the reproduction system by preventing atrophy and actually reversed the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in seven days. However, again, that study was based on repeated use, not on one-time, periodic use like you would in a fast-acting pill.
  • Cassia (stem bark) – Cassia is actually a form of cinnamon. Of the medicinal uses for cassia, erectile dysfunction tops the list. Cassia is known to be an insulin regulatory, but is also effective on the circulatory system, increasing blood flow and heat throughout the body


Is Forta safe to use?

Yes. There’s nothing in the short list of Forta ingredients that indicate that the product is unsafe. Prior to 2016, the blend of ingredients contained a synthetic drug that, unless prescribed by a doctor, was potentially very harmful and even fatal. However, the recent version of Forta for Men is safe to use, provided there are no additional hidden ingredients.


Forta Side effects and contraindications

Generally, each of these ingredients comes with only mild side effects, at most, and probably none. The biggest thing to think about is whether or not you may have any allergies. Any time you are taking an herbal supplement, you should consider allergic reactions, which are common.

Male enhancement pills like Forta are contraindicated in women, especially pregnant women, and men under the age of 18. Men with known medical conditions should not take Forta unless it’s discussed with a doctor.


Where to Buy Forta for Men?

Forta can be purchased online at the company website along with a few other places, listed below.


  • GNC


Previously, you could get a 30 day money back guarantee. Now, that is not the case. The company specifically indicates on their website that there will be no refunds. They encourage customers to contact them with questions prior to purchasing since they have a no refund policy.